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All CCS64 Versions

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A game that uses a custom loader system does not load or play properly (i.e. crashes or hangs) with CCS64.




The in-built default fast-loader or the Maximum 1541 Speed feature in CCS64 may be in-compatible with the custom loader system being used in the game.




When loading the game with the custom loader system, try using the Load (Normal) option, instead of the Load (Fast) option (which is the default option), or try disabling the Maximum 1541 Speed feature, or try disabling both.  Either of these features, or the combination of them both together, may be causing an in-compatibility with the custom loader system being used in the game.


Note – This does not indicate any bug with CCS64, nor does it indicate any bug with the custom loader system, since all loader systems are developer-dependent.  In the case that any custom loader system is being used within a game, CCS64 should always be made to load the game in the normal manner, as per the original machine (i.e. by not using the default in-built fast-loader and also by not using the Maximum 1541 Speed option), in order to minimise any conflicts.  Some loader systems are more tolerant of these features and may work correctly either with both or with just one of them being enabled within CCS64.




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