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You would like an auto-fire Fire button feature within CCS64, in particular for use within a particular game that uses this.




CCS64 does not feature an auto-fire Fire button mode, but this can be emulated instead, using a Windows utility.




The solution below was provided by Potato and was posted by him on the CCS64 WWWBoard.  I have slightly edited the original text.


I have worked out my own way to make this work, if anybody wants to know. 


You have to run this little application in the back-ground.  You can download it here:


Now, use this little script below, and post it in to a Text Editor and save it as a TXT file - call it anything you want to.





Hotkey, $Z, toggle






Sleep 90

GetKeyState, ZState, Z, P

if ZState = U


Send, {Z Down}

Sleep, 25

Send, {Z Up}







Now, change the extension of that TXT file to INI instead.


Now, before you start your game in CCS64, drag-and-drop your INI file created before on to the AutoHotKey.exe program, to load the script.


Right, all done - start up your game in CCS64.


OK, so what does all of this do?


Within CCS64, use the keyboard (i.e. keyboard key-sets) for the joystick controls.  The "Z" key is the Fire button.


This script is running in the back-ground and is just makes the "Z" key repeat very quickly, as if it were being pressed very fast (like an auto-fire action).


Now, the "A" key acts like an on/off toggle for this script action; so, in game now, you simply hold down the "Z" key and you have auto-fire working. To use this feature, quickly hit the "A" key, then hold down the "Z" key and auto-fire happens..., and then tap the "A" key again to go back.


That is it - very simple.  This can be applied to any other game/emulator you like and you can change the keys used simply by modifying the script INI file that you created previously.




This article is for information purposes only.